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The Best Bat House Construction

What is THE most effective way to combat mosquitoes?

a.  bug spray (deet)

b.  bug light/zapper

c.  bat house

The answer is C. A Bat House! A single brown bat can consume up to 1000 mosquitos an hour!

Bat house construction is one of the more rewarding ways to help wild life. When you build easy bat houses you are providing bats with a roosting habitat, you also benefit by having fewer yard and garden pest like mosquitoes and ants. It may seem like just a drop in the bucket but by building a bat house we can over come chemical pest control and create a cleaner healthier environment. Bat houses may be put up at any time of the year. They will more than likely be occupied in the first three to four weeks after they have been installed. Installing a bat house and exposing it to the rain and sun will darken the color even more increasing the chances of attracting bats to you bat house just that much better.

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