Truckers in the USA and Canada

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The first, and most importantly, what a driver who is going to apply for a job in a transport company should know, is that there is no such thing as an ideal company!

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Always something will not suit. It so happened that for 20 years of working in America I always worked for someone. The first 4 years he worked as a driver on light trucks that did not require CDL, with hourly wages, and since 2001 – on truck tractors, but all the time a hired driver for the company. There were several companies during this time, and my work activity ceased in them only with the termination of the company’s existence. So it was with the bankrupt “Dick Simon Trucking“, which went bankrupt in 2002, and with the microscopic company “BS Trucking”. Companies were leaving business, and I was starting to look for a new one.

In my current company I work 12th year. At first, the work seemed heavy, the flights – only night, although not very far, and guaranteed 1-2 nights a week at home. After a 3-month trial period, the company began to pay medical insurance, then five paid “sick days” appeared. After 3 years earned the first paid vacation. Now leave is 3 weeks. This is the average vacation in the US. In addition, the company connected me to its “Profit sharing” program and every week I charge $ 75 to my pension fund. Once a year I get a report on how much money was accumulated on this account. This account is independent and completely protected from any collisions, including bankruptcy of the company. At dismissal this money can be transferred to any other non-state pension fund.

In the form of W2, which I attach, pay attention to point 12a. In this paragraph the amount of $ 7109 is indicated, I did not earn this money, and did not spend it. This is how much the company paid for my medical insurance. In 2016, this amount was already $ 11,530.74. If I were the owner of a truck, I would have to pay it myself. In addition, all hired drivers must be insured by the company against any accidents at work, be it a serious accident, easy dislocation or bruise. The company will pay for everything, including your compulsory medical examination.

Probably, it would be nice to choose a truck to your liking, brand, color, equipment, etc. etc.
It is proud to write something pretentious on the doors, add extra not required DOT bulbs, and then work without days off and leave to pay for the loan taken for the truck, and another for the trailer.

Already I hear objections: the income of the owner of the truck is incommensurably higher! Is it really incommensurable?

I will give an example. I earn 62 thousand a year. (See W2 form, for 2015, the earned amount is $ 62,725.)

On the Youtube channel, you can find hundreds of boastful statements from drivers about wages and in 100, and 150 thousand a year. I will be a realist, besides with experience, and most importantly, with documentary evidence. So, in a month the salary before deduction of the tax turns out approximately $ 5225, after deduction – $ 4180.

Is this a lot or a little? Money never happens much. This is enough to buy a house and provide the family with everything necessary. A little remains on hobbies or travel around the world.

Payment in different companies is carried out in different ways.

Someone pays for the mile traveled, someone – for hours worked, someone – for the weight of the freight carried, my company pays a flight, the so-called “Flat Rate”. Regardless of the time spent on the road, I get the same amount. If you translate this into hourly pay, then I get $ 35 per hour.

Alas, when applying for a job, no company will tell you that the indicated 50, 60 or 70 cents per mile will be paid to you only if you carry the goods. With an empty voyage, this will be 2 times less, and if you have to ride a tractor for a trailer, it’s almost free.

I indifferently look at the oncoming amount in the filling column. $ 750 … $ 800? .. I do not care.

Did the wheel explode on the way? Calling the mechanic and replacing the rubber – $ 1500, just give the bill to the boss.

What do the owners of the truck say? On Youtube – about how they row money with a shovel. And in life they say only that all the money earned goes to the maintenance of the car.
What does a hired driver do if the company can not provide it with a job? Receives unemployment benefits. And what does the owner of the truck do? That’s right, she tears her hair.
Let’s sum up the pros and cons of a hired driver.


  • ¬†wages slightly above the US average;
  • paid medical insurance;
  • paid holiday;
  • paid sick-list;
  • insurance against accidents;
  • additional pension;
  • Unemployment benefit in case of underemployment;
  • complete absence of a headache – where to find cargo, honest broker, accountant, mechanic, etc.

Priorities: 1 – family, 2 – house, 3 – work.


  • impossibility of choosing a truck to taste;
  • compliance with company rules.

So what is it like to be a hired driver – laziness or pragmatism? Let everyone choose for himself.